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Community schools in poor and marginalised areas in Pakistan find it difficult to find quality teachers. Also, the teachers who teach at such schools need frequent practical advice and demonstrations to help them improve their teaching – often in multi-grade classrooms, while monitoring and evaluation of teaching practices is also lacking. This level of support can be difficult and expensive to provide via traditional face to face programmes.

To improve learning outcomes of children at the primary level, TeleTaleem is connecting teachers and children in community schools with remotely located specialist teachers. A remote online teacher delivers classes for English, mathematics and science on a daily basis at the community school. The same ‘remote’ approach is being used to provide regular training and support for teachers at community schools (and for teachers in nearby schools if they wish to attend).

TeleTaleem has secured support for its intervention in 150 schools from the Elementary and Secondary Education Foundation for the next few years, with a view to scaling it up in all the community schools managed by the Foundation.

Teletaleem is also working with the Elementary and Secondary Education Department in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to use their remote training approach to deliver the new, province-wide continuing professional development programme for teachers.

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