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ILMI and Sitarey is an intervention designed and successfully implemented for the Education and Literacy Department, Government of Sindh. It is a data-enriched, stakeholder engagement platform that has enhanced the flow of information between diverse education sector stakeholders in Sindh. Issues are raised through a simple text message to ILMI from which a ‘case’ is created. As the ‘case’ gets routed through departments at the relevant levels, ILMI monitors its progress, escalating the issue until it is fixed. ILMI offers a ‘live’ Performance Dashboard that measures the performance of the department and supports the calculation of a variety of reporting metrics.

This is just one of the uses of the platform. For example, if teachers attend a face to face workshop, the platform could be used to deliver additional content or reminders and teachers can give feedback and share their questions and ideas. (The same platform is also being used by TEXT to connect IESCO – the electricity supplier - to its customers in Islamabad!)

Text has recently started working with the Education Department in Balochistan. The platform is accessible to over 40,000 Education Department employees from over 13,500 schools and several thousand citizens. ILMI is working closely with key officials of the department to respond to the issues raised by the school stakeholders.

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