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Having a good teacher is the most influential factor in student learning: a good teacher makes all the difference. Yet in many of Pakistan’s secondary schools in the public and private sector, teaching posts for critical subjects such as mathematics and science education lie vacant or are filled by teachers without the required expertise. Consequently, the quality of teaching is low and students are not gaining knowledge and skills required for employment in the 21st century in Pakistan, or for higher education.

EDKASA’s virtual classrooms make learning personal and interactive. Their platform allows for live, interactive classes connecting one teacher to multiple students at a time – thus reducing the need for face to face teaching. The platform includes a learning management system to help track student progress. Using the EDKASA Direct product, students from anywhere in the country can join the platform using an internet-connected device. In parallel, EDKASA will make available its ‘teacher stream’ to EDKASA franchisees, helping those students who cannot directly connect to the platform because they do not yet have access to an internet-enabled device.

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