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Any for-profit or not-for-profit organization that is engaged in the creation and delivery of innovative education products and services can apply for membership. Applying for membership requires submission of a duly completed Application Form, supported and signed by at least two current ILMA members in good standing.

The membership shall have the following scales:

Membership level Target segment Benefits Current Annual Fee
Executive Established larger enterprises and members that want to play an active role in the governance and activities of the organization The Board of Directors will be appointed from this group PKR 100,000
Value Members that want to lead or play a significant role in a particular interest area This group can petition the Board and be appointed as Head of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) formed to research and propose ILMA’s strategy for specific areas of interest aligned with its goals and objectives PKR 50,000
Standard Members that want to part of the Association without leadership responsibilities This group benefits from all of the Association’s activities for its members PKR 25,000
Associate Any organization that does not produce innovative education products and services but which is otherwise interested. Entitled to receive most publications and other literature prepared under the auspices of the ILMA, and otherwise be entitled to participate in the affairs of the ILMA as decided by the Board of Directors PKR 25,000

Membership is offered at the discretion of the Membership committee of the Board of Directors.


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