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AzCorp Entertainment focuses on the world of ‘edutainment’ and develops socially-conscious, morally driven comics for children and young people. Stimulated by superbly drawn and colourful imagery, locally set, identifiable characters and dynamic storylines, children are presented with age-appropriate comics to cultivate an interest in reading.

AzCorp is creating a series of exciting and engaging comic books for children. The series is based on the adventures of a little girl called Sheeba and her friends. In titles such as 'The case of the missing tiger cub' and 'The case of the chunri dupatta,' Sheeba and her friends use their knowledge of maths and science to solve mysteries and problems. AzCorp aims to stimulate interest in reading and to increase children's understanding of maths and science while at the same time presenting a positive role model for children, especially girls. The print versions will be supported by content disseminated online by PC, tablet or smartphone, and radio broadcasts. All content will be available in and out of school across the multi-media platforms.

To ensure high quality, educational and fun content closely aligned with the curriculum in Pakistan AzCorp is collaborating with World Learning Inc., a global non-profit with expertise in education, to develop Sheeba and the Private Detectives.

Contact:   Madiha Rehman at

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